Premium Handmade LED Clothing











The harmony of fashion and technology creates LED clothing.

LED clothing has become a highly spectacular and unique union of fashion and technology used for extra-modern show and performance. Our company provides highly qualified and exclusive clothes created by means of light-emitting diodes. Due to LEDs placement and dynamic lighting effects, we are able to create for you a unique design of any complexity.


Smart LED bulbs, fiber optics and EL sheets can be mounted in desired parts of the garment emphasizing the silhouette and form you need.


Each garment is endowed with special features such as: lighting mode, additional effects and control.

    -  The lights can twinkle, display sequential patterns, change intensity of the light shining

    -  Lighting effects can be preprogrammed or repeat the rhythm of music

    -  Modes and effects can be controlled by a handy switch or remote control, as needed.


Our Company provides goods made only by producers who take great care about the most important qualities of clothes as comfort and durability. Flexible electronics elements are developed not to hinder body motions and withstand steady stretching and bending. Led clothes’ power supply lets it work desired period of time: the whole evening or a just a short performance.