How are your LED costumes  and accessories different from what other companies offer?

  • In our production we use a high quality RGB LED strip, which is very soft and yet resistent to breaking and tearing. Each fullcolor micro LED is hand –soldered and sheathed in a waterproof hood

How do I operate the video LED suit?

  • There are 3 oprions of programming and controling our luminous clothing effects, depending on what you strive to achive.

                 - Plug-in SD card controller, installed in the suit

                 - 2.4ghz wireless DMX512 receiver

                 - Remote controller ( the range of receiving is about 15m, not advisable for big stages)

What is the advantage of using SD card controller?

  • Designed specially for LED suit solutions this controller is perfect in terms of usability and simplicity. Just plug it in the card with a number of effects pre-installed and enjoy the luminous play of each  and every one of  the LEDs.

What is 2.4 Wireless DMX512 Receiver?

  • This multi channel receiver is specially designed for operating a LED clothing software. It can either  be directly connected to DMX512 console  or to teh PC port via computer software. 

What kind of batteries you ship your product with and which are advisable?

  • We ship our products with  a DC5V battery with a high capacity of 5000-10000MA/H, 15 A power. LEDs performance duration  directly depends on the number of batteries and desired light effect.

Is it possible to add lights to my own clothing?

  • Yes, its possible, provided you sent them to us half- finished.

Can you fulfill  a custom order on my specific requirements?

  • Yes, definitely. We are happy to create something special once we have a chance and ready to either start from a scratch or modify already existing design.  Please send us your sketches, budget and timescale expectations or other special requirements and features and our customer support will be in touch.

What about comfort?

  • This is  quite a  reasonable  question given that the costume bears a number of wires with controller.
  • Rest assured you that you will feel no constraint to your movements, breathable fabric is deliberately chosen to make you feel comfortable while the sizing itself and hand-making of each item are a corner stone of our personalized approach to everyone.

Is it safe to wear your costumes?

  • Yes, sure. Wearable technology products are all safe to wear. The only part to pay attention to is a battery, we strongly recommend to not keep your keys or any other metal parts next to the battery contacts. Any voluntary modifications to the clothing we sell must be double checked with tech specialists.

How can I clean my LED Clothes?

  • We advise you to use 70% alcohol spray and soft cloth to clean them. Don't  expose LEDS to machine washing.

How do I store LED clothing?

  • Best way is to hang it in a dry ventilated place, with no alkali material stored next to it. Avoid sun and direct heating.

What is your delivery policy?

  • The costume is made and shipped from Seoul, South Korea with EMS, UPS, FedEx or other express shipping service with tracking number provided.
  • It will take up to 2 business days to check and confirm all the measures.
  • 6-10 business days for the costume to be produced and transferred to the warehouse (Production time can be different, depending on the difficulty of the costume. Please, make sure to check the exact production time on the costume lot page before the payment!) 
  • Up to 7 business days for delivery. Free shipping to all locations. Address must be confirmed.
  • Please note, that the package can be delayed at customs.

Can I buy materials and parts from you in order to make the item myself?

  • Behind the costumes we sell stands  almost a decade of diligent work and experience,  in order to perfume this your self  you’ll  need a personalized guidance which we cannot provide you. Yet if you have a previous experience in electronics and sewing itself we can discuss helping you create you're your own piece of art.